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Ben-Ezra Marketing is an international full service internet marketing company.We help businesses generate a better ROI on their marketing . We specialize in helping small to medium size businesses all over the world by working one on one with you first to understand your business, analyze your past successes and unsuccessful attempts at increasing business. After we do that we will quickly come up with some techniques that will help you build success almost instantaneously. As we progress with you we monitor what is effective and we continuously adjust your business marketing. Remember, investing in successful Marketing and Advertising doesn’t cost anything when it is done properly, because your new clients pay for it!

Our Commitment

Our slogan is “what worked yesterday doesn’t today” describes our company’s mission statement. We understand that the technology world is changing rapidly and our goal is to keep our marketing business partners up to speed on the latest “buzz” in the industry. Quite simply only just a short time ago we were just starting to talk about some of the mobile applications and how to use the internet as a marketing tool.

Now we find that many of the large companies are implementing these techniques to get an edge on the competition. We believe that you should also be able to use them to increase your share of the marketplace too. We will keep you up to speed if by becoming our marketing partner. You simply run your business as usual and let us drive traffic to your place of business or website.

Internet Marketing Made Simple!

Are you overwhelmed and confused about your Internet Marketing? Are you struggling to get a steady stream of customers to your business? Let BENEZRA MARKETING solve these problems for you so you can focus on running your business. Contact us today for a consultation.

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Ben-Ezra Marketing is a full service Internet Marketing Company that provides service across the United States and worldwide.

High Converting Website Design

Local Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Video Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Txt Message Marketing

App development

Reputation Management

Press Release Distribution

Article Marketing

Content Creation

Graphics Design


Ben-Ezra Marketing is the leader in helping local businesses dominate their local markets. Call us today for a free consultation…804-592-6591

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Client testimonial

  • Akiva, I am happy to report to you I got my first bonafide call on Chinese Drywall Florida You tube video and have an appointment. So I now considered you to be a genius for what you can do on the internet!

    Jerry Tetro
  • I cannot say enough about Akiva Ben-Ezra. Working with Akiva has been a seamless adventure, and his dedication to his customer and to the high quality of service he provides remain First Class. Absolutely First Class! I am a new “Grassroots” American author (“Freedoms Calling! Will You Answer?”). Akiva helped me with the technical aspects of bringing this book to the Internet. I am so proud of the beautiful website he designed for my book! Akiva has an inner sense of purpose and integrity and possesses leading-edge technical skills and knowledge. He customizes his work to reflect that which would best serve to enhance each, specific project. He does not present a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, Akiva is able to immediately get to the heart of a project and understand fully, from the beginning, that which the customer wants to accomplish. I wish him continued success and more! Akiva is truly remarkable and such a pleasure to work with.

    Carol Polzin
  • I am a Disabled American Veteran who purchased a new home that contained Contaminated American, United States Gypsum Drywall. This drywall made me very sick, as well as destroying my home. I had to start a website in order to get this information out to as many people as possible. My goal was to save as many lives as possible, and also educate everyone about the Contaminated Drywall issues. For the past almost 5 years I have had to become an expert in Chinese/American Contaminated Drywall. Akiva came into the picture, and with his massive skills and talent, he put my website across the entire USA, and my Video on You Tube has had many hits. Without Benezra Marketing, I don’t know where my website would be at this time. I am receiving calls from across the country, and hopefully I can help others that find themselves in my same situation. Thank You Akiva for your generosity, and getting me World-wide exposure.

    Charles A Hummer Florida Disabled Veteran



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